PRI Document

LEC Questions Regarding Phone Service


SF Agent Name (State-AgentCode)

· LEC Name: AXECOM Telecom


· LEC Phone Number: 614-448-1919


· Account Number: SFUC-xxx-xxxx

· Verify with the LEC the type of phone service provided:

· Analog

· T1(Digital)

· What type of T1 is it?



· Other: ________________

· What is the voice circuit name (circuit id) for the T1 so we can follow up if anything happens during cut over?




· What is the ISDN switch-type?

· NI (NI-1, NI-2, etc.)

· 4ess

· 5ess

· Dms100

· Other: ______________________

· Is it channelized?

· Yes 

· How many channels does it use?

· ____

· What is the channel order?

· __________________________________________________

· No

· How many and what are the DID numbers for this account?


d).If agent wants DID’s IC needs to find out what Name, Mac address that goes with what DID.If agent doesn’t care then IC can assign them.


· Out bound (NDT Controls) calls start from lowest channel and work their way up. In bound calling (LEC Controls) should start at highest available channel and work their way down. EX full PRI has 23 Channels. For NEW TICA’s don’t need this as they don’t have assigned DID numbers.

· If agent doesn’t want all phones to have the MLN masked; then EVS will have to do this VIA Call Manger as the lec can’t mask the MLN unless all phones have this feature. Per Lynn/ NDT they will work on this- If the agent only wants all calls to come in over the MLN then the LEC can do the Masking.





· If CAS,

· What is the switch-type?

· NI (NI-1, NI-2, etc.)

· 4ess

· 5ess

· Dms100

· Other: ______________________

· What is the signaling standard?

· E & M Wink-Start

· E & M Delay-Dial

· E & M Immediate-Start

· Other: ______________________




· Is this a full T1 or is it fractionalized? 

· Full T1

· Fractionalized

· How many channels does it use? ______

· What type of T1 framing is there?

· SF(Super Frame)- NOT RECOMMENDED- must call NDT if only type provided

· ESF(Extended Super Frame)

· Other: ________________

· What type of line coding is there?

· AMI- NOT RECOMMENDED if only type provided

· B8ZS

· Other: ________________

· Is there caller-id?

· Inbound?

· Yes must be yes

· No

· Outbound?

· Yes

· Is it masking the MLN or maintaining called DID?


· Maintaining called DID

· No 

· 10 digit DNIS required: if not able to do this you must call NDT

· 4

· 7 

· 10 has to be 10, anything other needs NDT approval

· Other: ________________

· None


· Additional information provided by the LEC:

· Test # needed for NDT Testing- LEC needs to provide 1 number before porting all numbers 904-725-4000 (Standard Test Number)




Questions to be answered by Agent and coordinator

Remind agent that CRC forwarding need to be enabled during install

Will phone numbers will be ported day of move?

What time will the numbers be ported?

Extensions have been ran for PRI service by cabling vendor?




The PRI D-Mark will be located at the State Farm main frame equipment location. The onsite technician will be connecting to port T1 0/2 on an Adtran gateway.

Adtran TA 904 / 904e


Adtran Front View