AXECOM SFUC Agent Options Detail


January 2, 2013


AXECOM offers two options for connecting to the CISCO Unified Communications (SFUC) phone system:

1. Analog POTS lines

2. Digital PRI line


Some Pros & Cons:


Slower processing

Typically only 4 or 8 line call capacity

Limiting call capacity

Reduced quality


Direct Inward Dialing (DID) capability

23 concurrent call capacity

Flexible dial plan (ability to use AXECOM phones and UC system phones simultaneously)

Better call quality

Digital call processing


Is there a cost Difference?

The cost is the same for existing agents either way. We are 'Grand-Fathering' all of our existing customers into the new platform of choice (analog/digital). Their monthly will remain the same; however there is a 1-time initial cost for the gateway which is roughly a $400 difference between the two. Analog=$400 Digital PRI-$800.

Both services will continue to utilize the existing internet connection. Each gateway will convert the internet signal into either an Analog or Digital PRI connection to be compatible with the new Unified Communications phone system.


*Note 1: if you choose the Analog option, we can re-rate your monthly plan by using the following formula:

1-7 lines = $30 each per month

8+ lines = $25 each per month


*Note 2: Normal pricing for the Digital service is $350 per month and we offer it to our SF agents @ $295 per month.


*Note 3: We offer Enhanced Digital Cloud Services for Agents.



Auto CRC routing Auto Attendant Services

Special Holiday RoutingVoiceMail Services

AXECOM integrated Dial PlanAuto Failover Routing



Is there a Preference?

In the beginning we saw that the early adopters into the SFUC system were choosing Analog simply because they were being instructed to do so by State Farm. In the past 6-8 months we have seen a shift from Analog to Digital. State Farm has witnessed the success and is now recommending Digital PRI; most new installations have been Digital and we are also upgrading many agents who previously chose Analog systems into Digital systems.

For more information please contact our Agency Specialist & VP Operations, Joe Atkins.

Joe Atkins

(614-448-1919 (Direct)